Program Design

We assess your insurable business risks, your loss history, insurance budget, and appetite for risk. We review your existing insurance program. We compare this information within the context of the ever-dynamic insurance marketplace. We provide you with our recommendations and goals regarding the potential benefits to bring your account to the insurance market.


We collaboratively develop a complete and accurate set of specifications with your office to present to the insurance marketplace. We survey our markets for the most stable, relationship-oriented underwriters that have the appropriate appetite to accept your risk at competitive terms. We present your risk profile in an attractive, understandable format. We facilitate a dialogue between you and the insurance companies. We negotiate terms of service within the context of our stated goals. We present you with the results of our efforts and recommendations.

Account Management

We implement and monitor the program that you purchased. We review your contracts and issue certificates. We hold regular meetings to get updates on claims, exposures, safety and loss control measures and other business activities. We try and understand your business inside and out and look for ways to help make you more competitive and keep your risk profile marketable. We plug away at servicing you every day.